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Provider Tools/Updates


NEW 2020 Benefits - Plan codes and benefit copays 
Schedule of Benefits: Service To Seniors/Desert Preferred Choice (HMO)
Schedule of Benefits: Vitality Plus (HMO)
Benefit Table


Chronic Care Improvement Program (CCIP) 2018-2020: Promote Effective Management of Chronic Disease - Heart Failure & Quality Improvement Program (QIP) 2018 - 2020: Reducing Readmissions and Promoting Effective Communication and Coordination of Care
Promote Effective Management of Chronic Disease

HRET - Health Research & Educational Trust
Health Care Leader Action Guide to Reduce Readmissions

Permission to link granted 2/12/13 by the HRET for distribution free of charge.

Preventive Health Guidelines

Inter Valley Health Plan supports the recommendations of the U.S. Prevention Services Task Force and the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in conjunction with those of other widely recognized professional organizations. These guidelines are intended to be a synopsis of those recommendations. For details and application to a specific individual, providers should apply the actual recommendations and clinical judgment. Check with the Plan Benefit Summary to determine if a particular service is covered. Approved by Medical Advisory Committee on May 15, 2020.
2020 Preventive Health Guidelines

Video Resources
Heart Talk: Teaching Your Patients to Live with Heart Failure
Evidence-based Education for Health Care Professionals

This video series, comprised of five (5) modules, is intended for health care professionals and licensed practitioners who work with patients with heart failure. After viewing the series, viewers should understand the pathology of diastolic and systolic heart failure, the treatment of acute and chronic heart failure, and the components of evaluating patients with heart failure. Viewers will also understand the key recommendations for patients with heart failure so that they can stay healthy and stay out of the hospital.

Module 1: Understanding the Science of Heart Failure

Module 2: Evaluating Patients with Heart Failure

Module 3: Six Key Recommendations for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

Module 4: Teaching Your Patients

Module 5: Discussing Palliative and End of Life Care


Heart Talk: Helping Your Patients to Live with Heart Failure
Evidence-based Education for Nursing Assistants

This video series, comprised of two (2) modules, is intended for nursing assistants who work with patients with heart failure. After viewing the series, viewers should have a better understanding of the symptoms and treatment of heart failure; the needs of patients with heart failure while in the hospital, skilled nursing facility or at home while using home care services; and the key recommendations that patients with heart failure should follow to stay healthy and out of the hospital.

Module 1: What is Heart Failure?

Module 2: How Heart Failure Patients Stay Healthy

Provider Profile Information

Inter Valley Health Plan has upgraded the physician directory located on our website.  Many of our physicians now have their picture and a "personal statement" displayed.  This directory is an important part of the selection process for our members when choosing a physician.

If you wish to complete a Physician Information Form, please click the Profile Information Form below.  The completed form may be faxed to 909-623-8973.  If you would like your current professional head shot with your profile, please send in a jpeg format to

Profile Information Form

Updated 05/22/2020