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Turning 65? New to Medicare?
What you need to know.
Turning 65? New to Medicare? Turning 65 means you have a lot of important decisions to make about your health care. Chances are you’re like many people—in the dark about your options for health care coverage under Medicare. The truth is most people find Medicare confusing and difficult to understand. In fact, one of the most common questions asked by people is “What is Medicare and what does it actually do?”

Most people just want information that clearly and simply explains how Medicare works. And they also wouldn’t mind some step-by-step pointers on how to choose from among all the Medicare health plans that exist when they turn 65.

We make it a point to help folks understand their Medicare options and clarify the steps they need to take to get comprehensive health care coverage as a Medicare beneficiary.

So call us at (800) 500-7018 or TTY and speak with a Medicare Specialist who can answer all your questions – about Medicare, how to sign up for Medicare, and how to make the most of your Medicare coverage.

Ask for a copy of our informative booklet entitled The Complete Guide to "No Surprises" Medicare Health Plans.



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