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Why Inter Valley Health Plan

Here are five great reasons to choose Inter Valley Health Plan:

Extensive formulary with brand name drug coverage
One of the most important parts of any health plan is its prescription drug coverage. That's why we cover a long list of brand name drugs, with no premiums or deductibles. And we provide coverage for all generic prescriptions as well. Plus, with Inter Valley Health Plan, you enjoy $0 or low copayments for both brand name and generic prescription drugs. 

A full-service healthcare plan to meet all your needs
Our plan provides hospital coverage, $0 copayments for primary care doctor office visits, vision care, and out-of-area urgent care. But we don’t stop there. We also provide health and wellness services like educational seminars and health screenings at no additional cost.

For health, not for profit
Since we’re a not-for-profit organization, your well-being is our number one priority. All profits are put back into the health plan, so we can take care of your health needs and guarantee the highest level of service possible. 

Real people offering real service
Our formula for success can be summed up in four words: Real people, real service. That’s because at Inter Valley Health Plan, members always come first. Every time you call, you speak with a real person who provides real service—and the personal attention you deserve. And if there’s ever a problem, a real person will do everything possible to help find a solution. Really.

Inter Valley Health Plan is for Medicare recipients just like you
Our primary focus is serving the needs of people with Medicare. So when you join Inter Valley Health Plan, you’re in the hands of specialists who understand your needs. It’s our area of expertise and the only thing we do. No wonder we’re able to provide you with quality service you expect.