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Enroll Online 2015
  Online   Online Enrollment
Medicare Beneficiaries may enroll in Inter Valley Health Plan through the Enroll Now button. After carefully reviewing our Medicare plan options, click the Enroll Now below the specific Plan name; and you will be directed to our online application. The application takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It’s that simple!
You can also go to the official Medicare website at and enroll through their online enrollment application.

 Service To Seniors (HMO)
$0 PCP Copay, $0 Hospital, $0 Premium Dental, $5 Preferred Generic Drug Copay and Gym Membership, Vision, Hearing and Chiropractic Care

Plan available in portions of San Bernardino, Riverside and LA County
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 Desert Preferred Choice (HMO)
$0 PCP Copay, $0 Specialists Copay, 
$0 Hospital Copay and $0 Preferred 
Generic Drug Copay

Desert Preferred Choice (HMO) is a provider specific plan.  Not all Inter Valley Health Plan providers are available to Desert Preferred Choice (HMO) members.  This Plan is offered through Desert Oasis Healthcare located in the Coachella Valley of Riverside County.

Plan available in portions of Riverside County only
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 OC Preferred (HMO)
$0 PCP, $0 Hospital, $0 Premium Dental, Vision, Chiropractic Care  

Plan available in portions of Orange County only
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H0545_RAY2014_68 Pending Approval                                        Updated 10/01/2015