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Perhaps no other highway in the United States is as fabled as Route 66, having been immortalized in song, literature and on a television series. The route was originally known as the National Old Trails Road in the early 1900s. The road officially became US Highway 66 on November 11, 1926.

Within a decade, it was paved all the way from Santa Monica, California to Chicago, Illinois. Interstate 40 bypassed the famous route in 1973, but the romance of its quirky motels, chromed diners, neon signs and gravelly-voiced waitresses who still call you “honey” endures. And, although only seg ments of the original route remain, its remnants continue to epitomize the classic American road trip.

While few have the chance to retrace the entire 2,000+ miles of the old route, there are plenty of opportunities within California to experience the Route 66 of days gone by. And don’t forget to celebrate the old route’s 85th birthday this November 11th!
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