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Diagnosed With diabetes? Join our diabetes support program

Did you know that someone diagnosed with diabetes, who has strong social support, tends to enjoy better health and quality of life than someone without
this support?
        Managing diabetes can be challenging, but the good news is that you’re not alone. Social support and education can be very helpful in the managing of your condition and both are now available at no cost to you
through Inter Valley Health Plan.
        Inter Valley recently formed I’m in Control, an exciting new diabetes support program.  This program offers oue 3,400 members diagnosed with diabetes an opportunity to meet and share their experiences, situations, and challenges.
The program includes fun and informative workshops conducted by Inter Valley staff and group volunteers. You can learn more about diabetes, plus the importance of both making healthy food choices and being regularly physically active.
        Special events and informative materials are also an integral part of the program’s outreach efforts. Helping to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with diabetes and their families is always the aim.
        Program manager, Ray Whitt, RN, says, “We recognize the challenges of managing diabetes — and want to help our members feel more in control of their health and life.” “The goals of the program are simple: helping our members control their diabetes condition and maximize the positive health outcomes that can make life more satisfying. The program offers opportunities for personal education, improvement in their communication with health providers, and the support of a like-minded community,” adds Whitt.
        As a member of the support group, you and the other members provide each other emotional and practical support. Hear firsthand how others deal with their condition, and share your tips. The group is run by —  and for — our members, everything shared is kept confidential.
       You will also learn methods for coping with the day-to-day challenges of diabetes management. Methods to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk ofheart attack, stroke, amputations, and other complications of diabetes. 
        Take charge of your diabetes and join one of Inter Valley’s I’m in Control Diabetes Support Groups. Even if your diabetes is under control, with an A1C less than 6.0, you could be a source of education and inspiration for some of the
other members.
        For more information call Ray Whitt, Diabetes Support Program manager, at
909-623-6333, ext. 485.

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