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Fight Identity Theft and    insurance Fraud

        If you carry your Medicare card with you, you are putting yourself at risk for identity theft. Should your card get lost or stolen, someone could use it to impersonate you and obtain your healthcare services. Health care fraud causes an estimated loss of $80 billion per year in the U.S.
        Don’t let yourself become a victim of fraud and identity theft. Follow these tips to keep yourself protected.

How You Can Fight Back

Do not carry your Medicare card with you.  All you need to access your health care services is your Inter Valley Health Plan member ID card.

Beware of durable medical equipment (DME) companies asking for bank account information. Before you give any personal information, contact Inter Valley Member Services department.

Report any bills you receive from providers requesting payment. If you receive a bill, please contact our Member Services department for assistance. 

If you suspect that someone may be misusing your personal information, or is committing health care fraud, please report it as soon as possible. Gather as much information as you can. Get the name of the person contacting you, their organization and phone number. Note the date and time of the call, and report this information toll-free to Inter Valley’s Member Services department, at   800-251-8191 or for the hearing impaired TTY/TDD 800-505-7150. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can call our Fraud Hotline at 888-372-8325, or mail to:

Fraud Alert, Compliance Dept,
PO Box 6002, Pomona, CA
or on line at to file a report.

Health care fraud deprives you and your community of the services, supplies and equipment you need. Please keep your Medicare card/personal information safe and keep yourself protected from fraud and identity theft. 

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