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Bill and Linda's Most Excellent Adventures...Continued

  Most people typically wouldn’t associate a“road trip” with health benefits. But research shows that a trip of any kind can stimulate your body and mind, plus relieve stress—simply by providing a change in scenery.

Here are four great reasons why a road trip can be considered healthy:

Travel offers an escape from your daily routine. You’ll do things you don’t normally do while you travel, whether it’s experience new places, new food or new people. And, anyone who’s travelled knows the benefits of coming back from a wonderful trip—short or long—feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Getting Outdoors
When on a trip, you’re more likely to be outside longer than usual. So, whether you discover an intriguing trail or are walking around a quaint little town, there are plenty of benefits from being outside and breathing fresh air. Not to mention all those healthy D-vitamins you’ll soak up from the sun—just make sure to protect your skin with sun block and a hat.

Even if your trip doesn’t include heart-pumping activities like kayaking or hiking in the mountains, the distance you walk while traveling is sure to be greater than normal. Whether you’re exploring the tunnels of an old mine or setting up camp on the beach, you’re sure to get an extra dose of healthy exercise.  

Reducing Stress
Even a brief trip can be rejuvenating, alleviate stress, boost your spirits and foster a good night’s sleep. Plus, as the Seals can surely attest to, it’s difficult to be stressed while enjoying the windswept cypress trees and majestic redwoods of California’s Highway 1, or the spectacular scenery of Death Valley’s sculpted hills and expansive vistas.


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