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5 Reasons to get out on the dance floor

1. Dancing improves your balance. The repetitive motions of dancing strengthen your muscles.
2. Dancing is good for your heart and lungs. At the right intensity, dancing can be a great low-impact cardiovascular workout.
3. Dancing is exercise for your brain as well as your body. Research shows that dancing can improve cognitive ability in people of all ages. 
4. Dancing can be a social activity. Staying engaged with others in the community adds to a person’s sense of wellbeing.
5. Dancing is fun! Whether you like to shake it to salsa or prefer to glide through a waltz, moving your body to the music is a fun way to stay in shape and keep your body healthy.

Don’t miss out on reaping the benefits of dancing. With so many different types of dancing to choose from, there is something for everyone. Contact your local senior or community center today to see what kinds of dance classes or events they offer.
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