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Inter Valley’s social media community is growing every day. Many people have followed us on both the “Inter Valley” and “For Health & Living” Facebook pages. Social media, as with our Vitality Classes, is a great way keep up-to-date with information that is important to you. So if you haven’t already, log on today and join our Facebook community.
Here are the key website to help you get and stay connected. 
  •, our main website, links you with the latest information about our organization, health and medical trends, information on Medicare and videos ranging from leading health topics like Diabetes to entertaining segments like Laughing Yoga.
  • will lead you to our “Lifestyle” Facebook page, which provides information on health, wellness, events, games and even coupons for local discounts. Check out fun posts like “Music that Takes Us Back in Time” where were we live the hits of artists like Mick Jagger, Diana Ross and the Beatles.
  • accesses our main Facebook page. Post your thoughts or see what others are saying and join the conversation.
  • If you are a Facebook novice we also offer free beginning and advanced Facebook classes as part of our Vitality Program. We’ll teach you how to create an account, manage your privacy
    settings, and navigate through the different features. Visit the site to find out more.
Facebook Questions & Answers

What is the News Feed? At the center column of your Facebook home page, the news feed is a constantly updating list of stories from people and pages that you follow on Facebook.
What types of content can appear in the News Feed? In addition to posts from friends and pages you follow, you may see photos, friend requests, events, groups and more.
Why am I seeing stories about people I’m not friends with in my News Feed? You might see posts from people you aren’t friends with if your friends “liked” or interacted with those posts. We will only show you posts that are set to Public, meaning that anyone is allowed to view them, or posts from Friends of Friends.
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